Safety points to consider when taking your baby swimming

  • Ensure the pool has nice warm water of between 30oC and 33oC. If you cannot find a pool this warm put them into a baby wetsuit to help them stay warm.

  • Never allow babies or young children to be alone or unsupervised near water.

  • Try to limit time in the water to approx. 30 minutes
    If the pool has lifeguards let them know what you are doing.

  • Take some toys with you and play in the water a few minutes to warm your baby up.

  • If your baby has a high temperature, is noticeably unwell or has a blocked nose, ear infection, diarrhoea, chicken pox or conjunctivitis, don’t take them swimming. If in doubt consult  your doctor.

  • Stop if your baby seems tired or upset.

  • Please ensure your baby is wearing a secure swim nappy for classes. Happy Nappy is an excellent product and great at preventing accidents in the pool.


You can take your baby swimming at any age even if they haven’t finished their immunisation programme. The NHS website states that you can take your baby swimming at any time.

Special Needs

Because of the improvement in muscle development, coordination and strengthening of heart and lungs, Little Dolphins is ideal for babies suffering from Downs syndrome or cerebral palsy.

Please inform us if your baby has any serious medical conditions before you start the course.