What is Infant Aquatics?

The techniques used by Little Dolphins have been established for many years in Australia, the USA & Scandinavia and are becoming increasingly popular in the UK.

All babies are born with a ‘mammalian dive reflex’.  This means that they automatically hold their breath when going under water.  The Little Dolphins course helps babies to take advantage of this to gain water confidence which, if they are regularly exposed to water, will continue as they get older.

Babies cannot swim on the surface as they lack the strength, however they can swim short distances under water.  At Little Dolphins we teach verbal and visual cues to let your baby know when they are going under the water.  These continue to be used after the dive reflex has disappeared

The benefits of taking your baby swimming at a young age are many and varied.

A close bond is formed between parents and baby.

It provides a complete  physical workout for heart, lungs, respiratory system & muscle groups.

Coordination, balance and motor skills are improved.

Gives baby the skills required to help them should they fall into water accidentally.