Infant submersion classes

These life saving skills and submersion classes are suitable from birth to 4 years old. Stimulating activities and fun exercises are incorporated within the structured classes that you and your baby will enjoy.

Babies who start swimming at a young age are shown to be more independent, have better balance, coordination and it also helps strengthen your baby’s heart and lungs.

Throughout the course you will accompany your baby into the water, which allows you to interact and learn together. Don’t worry if you can’t swim yourself, as the water will be shallow enough for you to stand in.

Babies are born with a diving reflex, which disappears after 6 months of age. Your baby will learn to control their breathing, develop arm and leg movements, propel themselves through the water without support as well as turning over and floating.

Little Dolphins have taught many babies and children to swim in a safe, fun and exciting way. This has provided water confidence and water safety skills.

We don’t use armbands, rings or floating chairs, as these do not encourage swimming. We use different techniques that encourage babies to propel, float and eventually swim all by themselves.
Once your baby has started to swim with us they can continue until they start school and beyond. We specialize in offering after school classes to children who have attended infant submersion classes, and are competent swimmers at an exceptionally young age.

We have 5 levels for your child to work towards at Little Dolphins. All ages for stages are guidelines only. Children will be assessed on their ability and confidence in the water by the class teacher. Please check which level your child is, with their swim teacher before completing the booking form for each term.

1. Shrimps (4 weeks -15 months )

  • Move around the pool in a swim position with adult support
  • Wet the head with a submersion
  • Making a sitting entry with adult support
  • Float on back with adult support
  • Move confidence aided and supported
  • Perform a free swim with a surface release
  • Holding on to the side with adult support

2. Minnows (15 months – 2 yrs)

  • Making a sitting entry with/without adult support
  • Blowing bubbles at the surface
  • Reaching forward into a streamlined position
  • Swim to the side and hold on approx 1 metre away from the side
  • Supported turns in the water
  • Holding the side without support
  • Submerge face into the water with confidence

3. Seals – Duckling grade 1, 2 (2-3 yrs)

  • Make a supervised jump to adult without support
  • Float on front or back with adult support
  • Rotate through 180* vertically with/without adult support
  • Crab walk 2 metres along the wall without adult support
  • Push and glide on front with adult support
  • Travel 2 metres aided without support
  • Dive through hoop, swim to the side and hold on with adult support
  • Collect object from 0.9m depth of pool supervised
  • Push and glide front and back with/without support

4. Dolphins – Ducklings grade 3 (3 yrs +)

  • Jump into the water, turn round, swim back to the side and hold on.
  • Travel 5 metres front and back with/without support
  • Float on front or back without adult support
  • Submerge and blow bubbles
  • Mushroom float
  • Enter and exit the pool using the steps
  • Travel 10 metres aided without support

5. Sharks – Duckling grade 4 (4 yrs +)

  • Submerge and blow bubbles 6 times
  • Show two different jumps into the water
  • Push and glide front and back and regain standing/vertical position
  • Swim 5 metres front crawl and back stroke using recovery arms
  • Safe entry into the pool
  • Float for 15-20 seconds
  • Turn 360* under the water 3 times

At Sharks levels children start working towards Swim Englands National Swim awards:

Please note: As from January 2018 there will be a charge of £3 for badges and certificates.