Little Dolphins Catch up policy

We have a catch up system where you can attend another class instead of your original lesson when your baby/child is ill or on holiday.

Occasionally babies/children do get poorly and we would NOT recommend bringing them swimming if they are unwell.

This service is something we really value as an ‘extra mile’ service as we want to offer you both flexibility and value for money.  Catch up classes are a gesture of goodwill and are not guaranteed

Catch up system

  1. Let us know before your class that you are not able to attend by calling 07805001405.
  1. Call us to notification us you’re not attending: Swimmer’s name, venue; class/es being missed; availability for catch ups (leave a voice mail if there’s no answer, we are extremely busy and will return your call as soon as we can)
  1. We will then come back to you with your options for times and venues for a catch up session.
  1. We can only offer you a catch up class if you inform us of your absence by calling prior to your class. The further in advance we know about your absence the better; we do appreciate in the case of illness this is not always until the day of the class itself. If we do not have a prior record of your absence, we cannot offer you a catch up class.
  1. We cannot guarantee a catch up class as it entirely depends on people letting us know in advance of their absences, and also your flexibility in terms of being able to attend one of the classes offered. The majority of our classes run at capacity or close to capacity so spaces are very limited throughout each term.
  1. We will try to arrange a maximum of 2 catch ups per term per swimmer.
  1. Catch up classes cannot be carried over from one term to the next.

Please also note that the class you are offered will most likely not be at the same stage in the 10 week programme as that that you have missed. All of our venues run their programmes simultaneously although on various days; consequently, you may be offered a class one or two weeks after that of the one you have missed. The main objective is to offer your swimmer the opportunity to catch up on some structured pool time with us.

If you need to book a catch up class please give the office a call on 07805001405. All we would ask is, not to book into a catch up class until your child is better.