On this page you can read a few of our swimmers’ and their families experiences of Little Dolphins baby swimming classes and after school classes.

Barnaby has learned so much at Little Dolphins. He gets so excited when he knows he’s going and seems to be fearless around the water.

I enjoy taking him and think I probably enjoy the lessons more than he does. Both of us dread the end of term!

Kristian Stott


As a first time mom I was determined to introduce my daughter to the water early. I joined little dolphins when my daughter was 7 weeks old and have enjoyed every second!
Not only did it introduce my daughter to the water, it’s helped her with muscle strength and it’s a great bonding experience.
The instructor, Hannah, is warm and welcoming. Her instructions are clear and she is always on hand to give helpful tips.
I can not say enough about little dolphins, we will definitely be continuing the sessions for a long time to come. Thank you!

Hope that’s ok!

Amy & Hattie xx

Both of my children have attended group swimming lessons and individual lessons at little dolphins, my eldest daughter for several years now. I am amazed that at just 7 years old, Lilly is able to swim so confidently, and has mastered more strokes and techniques than even I have!

Both of my children went from non-swimmers, to swimmers in just several lessons, and due to Gemma’s calm and caring manner I have recommended Little Dolphins to friends who have also been delighted with the skills and training their children have received.

Having experienced other styles of swimming lessons I have always been very happy with the structured yet fun lessons that Gemma provides, my daughters would not attend anywhere else. This year Lillybeth decided she wanted a swimming birthday party, which was really fun, Gemma was also one of the party goers, and it was great to see Lilly as one of the strongest swimmers amongst her friends, all down to Gemma at Little Dolphins – Thank you.

Jilli Guy (mum of Lillybeth and Florence)


I would just like to say how much Thomas has come on since starting after school swimming. He has surprised me no end and it’s all thanks to Mia. Mia has really connected with Thomas and knows how to get the best out of him, so much so he’s been moved up twice! Mia is an absolute credit to Little Dolphins 😀

Thomas’s mum


I can’t rate Little Dolphins highly enough. Hannah is an exceptional teacher and her warm, encouraging nature has allowed my daughter to thrive. I can’t believe the progress which Lottie has made in such a short time and swimming really is the highlight of her week. The way that swimming is taught is fantastic. There is clear progression and individual needs are very well catered for. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Little Dolphins to anyone and Hannah is wonderful. I can’t thank her enough for all she has done for Lottie 😀

Many thanks,
Jane Wheeler

Thanks Gemma for Amber’s fantastic lesson, she has done nothing but talk about you all day today. Hope to see you again very soon.

‪Hannah Kinghorn Bagshaw

Thank you so much Gemma! It was so good to see him back and smiling in the water. I was very proud of him.

I think the familiar setting definitely helped him get back into it – we’ll take it slow and steady next week. Thanks again x

Both of my boys started little dolphins at six months old, i am amazed at the confidence my 4 year old has in the water he is incredibly competent in the water for his age, and so many people comment on his love of the water when we are on holiday, I cannot recommend little dolphins highly enough.
Gemma’s lessons are fun based involving games & nursery rhymes, Gemma always gives lots of praise and encouragement and she is always smiling, all the children love her. I’m sure my 10 month old baby will do just as well as my 4 year old with Gemma’s excellent coaching.

My daughter and I have attended Little Dolphins classes since she was 8 weeks old and have loved every minute. Gemma brings fun and energy to the classes and my daughter always reacts positively to her and loves showing off her new skills. We have covered so much during the last year that my daughter is now swimming on her own and that was an amazing feeling.

I totally recommend Little Dolphins as my daughter has never looked back and now loves jumping in and diving down to pick up diving sticks. As an adult I look forward to the classes because my daughter responds so well but also because they are fun and we have a laugh whilst learning.

Kaz and Evie Hughes

I’m so pleased with my children’s progress with Gemma and Little Dolphins. My daughter could swim at 2 and a half and did a length at age 3. My son also showed a similar pattern. What I like about the lessons is that Gemma tailors them for the children – my daughter is particularly good so Gemma has moved her into a more appropriate class, despite her age, and she absolutely loves it. Gemma is a very approachable, easy-going person but she demands respect in the pool and the children appreciate this. In my son’s after school class there were some quite rowdy individuals so to overcome this Gemma introduced a reward system and got in the pool with them – this technique is working very well and all the children are making good progress. I would not hesitate to recommend Gemma and Little Dolphins to anyone who is serious about getting their child to swim at a young age – just think how easy holidays will be as all you have to do is sit by the pool and sun yourself!!

Nicki Marks xxx

Two of my sons (aged 5 and 2) have one to one lessons with Little Dolphins and they love them. The younger one has been swimming since he was a few months old with Gemma and loves the water and I think will be swimming soon – he certainly has a good go now! The older one is autistic and can’t cope with doing anything outside of school, other than his swimming. He has lessons with Jordan who is unbelievably good with him and manages to talk him around when he is on the verge of a meltdown which is something very few people can do. He has now swum a length and I’m so proud of him and he is so happy to have done it. I would very much recommend Little Dolphins to anyone.


I first took Jacob swimming when he was a couple of months old, unfortunately after every swimming session Jacob had repeated nasty ear infections which stopped us swimming for weeks after the infection. Me and my partner decided to stop him swimming till he was older. Jacob is now nearly three and we started swimming again thanks to Gemma who has supported us through thick and thin. Jacobs teacher Janice is fantastic, she has given lots of helpful advice and shown different techniques which reduces the water affecting his ears. Jacob loves swimming with Janice and gets very excited when he spots her in the water before the lesson. We are thrilled with Jacobs progress and now has a confident happy little boy in the water. I will be booking more courses and look forward to seeing Jacobs confidence and swimming ability thrive.
Thank you so much Little Dolphins 🐬 🏊 ❤️