Best Practice Guidance To Prepare Swim School Re-Openings Released


The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected the entire world, and we have all had to adapt to this social distancing ‘new
world’. As a leisure industry we have all been personally affected by the closure of swimming pools as a result of this virus,
and now as we start to think about re-opening there are so many important factors to consider, to ensure we re-open swim
schools as safely as possible for both staff and customers.

Current COVID-19 related government restrictions as they apply to everyone are:

a) Any swimmer / parent / guardian that has travelled overseas must self-isolate for 14 days and not attend
b) Any swimmer / parent / guardian that has been in contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 must
self-isolate for 14 days;
c) Any swimmer /parent / guardian with symptoms or signs of COVID-19 (see below) MUST NOT attend a
Swim School until full recovery has taken place;

Symptoms of COVID-19 can range from mild illness to pneumonia. Some people will recover easily, and others may get very
sick very quickly. People with coronavirus may experience symptoms such as:

• Fever
• Coughing
• Sore throat
• Shortness of breath
• Loss of taste or smell
• Temperature above 37.5ºc
• Fatigue
• Unusual muscle aches and pains
• Diarrhoea.

• When swimming with Little Dolphins please ensure 2m distance is applied.
• Arrive 15 minutes before lesson starts to avoid overcrowding in changing rooms.
• Payment via website or BAC’s.
• Its down to individuals to follow Little Dolphins guidelines so virus is not passed on.
• If guidelines are not adhered, you will be asked to leave as we have a duty of care to protect all.
• If you have any questions regarding COVID-19 contact Gemma before entering the building.
• Markers on the floor should be used correctly to ensure 2m social distancing is applied.
• Water fountains will be out of order.
• Consider eliminating lost and found. Especially for clothing items. Do not shake any towels or clothing items as this could put the virus in the air
• Be aware that customers may be very sensitive to hygiene for some time and anything that looks messy could translate to unclean in their minds.
• Everyone MUST bring spray/wipes to clean out the area you have used.
• No communication in lobby/reception area during this time.

• Everyone who enters the building MUST use the hand sanitiser.
• You MUST shower before getting into the pool but NOT on the way out.
• Everyone MUST bring spray/wipes to clean out the area you have used.

• Its requested that you wear masks in changing rooms (2 year old upwards)
• Once you are ready to swim place your mask in your changing bag not left in changing room.
• All your belongings should be placed on poolside on the exit side of pool.
• Masks should be on before entering the changing rooms.
• When using changing rooms please ensure 2m distance is applied.
• Parents and children 8 yrs upwards are NOT to get dressed on poolside after swimming.
• When waiting for the toilet give plenty of room so person can come out keeping the best possible distance.

• NO spectators on poolside. Parents can alternate swimming lessons so both parents get the opportunity to swim baby.
• After school lessons ONLY 1 spectator on poolside per child, keeping 2m distance.
• Getting in/out the pool, you may need help with baby. Once baby is passed to teacher you get into pool, dip hands in water and collect baby, move away from teacher and steps to ensure 2m is applied.
• Once in the pool no contact with swimmers or teachers allowed unless in an emergency or if parent/teacher is happy to do so (always ask, unless an emergency)
• Goggles can be adjusted by teacher ONLY if you give permission and teacher is happy to do so.
• Toys/floats must be dipped into pool before and after using.
• Its requested if a person coughs or sneezes close to you please go under the water.
• Its also requested to go under the water before leaving the swimming pool.
• Can all parents and after school children wear swimming wear under clothes so it’s a quick strip in changing room or on pool side.
• Teachers will let you know which side they would like you to stand to get in and out. This will be the same each week to ensure 2m distance is applied.
• All demonstrations will be shown with a doll or teacher.

Please note as more information emerges, guidelines may change. Little Dolphins staff will keep you updated.
Thanks Little Dolphins